Online Education

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Over the years I have probably created 100 websites from the initial brainstorming to the finished product.  That doesn't seem to be a lot considering those years on the Internet number 20.  But all of those websites were completely functional with shopping carts, extensive libraries with elaborate searching capabilities, membership sites, on line coaching and training, catalogues of 1000's of products, survey analysis and much more.

Between 2001 and 2012 I worked with Wellcoaches Corporation developing their multi million dollar enterprise. In 2012 the company changed hands and decided they no longer wanted to maintain the custom software and are not using Infusion Soft.  There were, however, over 15 million lines of code running the 5 websites.  

During that same time I wrote the software both for the online application and the back end for SEER Enterprises.  This software allowed them to upload, codify and analyse all the hundreds of thousands of surveys that were answered by members of a prominent charitable organization with facilities in nearly every country on planet Earth.