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Hi! I`m Jamie Robinson, President of The Muse`s Forge. I have been a software engineer going on 35 years.  I`ve worked with main frames, mini`s and stand-a-lone and networked business software on PC`s.  My entry into web application programming began in 1996 with my first Cold Fusion shopping cart. Over the decades I have programmed in Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, and Dephi for PC and Mainframe as well as ASP and Cold Fusion for the web.  I am currently learning (yes even at this late date) PhP and it's variations for Word Press, Joomla and Drupal.

I still write some stand-alone software but having partially retired my current focus is web applications whether they be a full featured e-commerce site or an intranet with time and billing or content management. However, now I just create websites that contain all my decades of experience with usability, content visibility, balanced graphics and functionality.

In 2004, I made a decision not to re-create, every single time, the basics of a web site.  The basics being the graphics, layout and programming for the most used functions. 

If you need a website with 20 pages or less, give me a call at 727-686-4246 or fill out the contact form.

WEB FORGETM is a result of that desire to be lazy.  It is actuallly Version 4 of my simple method of creating web sites.

Imagine creating a 50 page site in less than a day !  The orginal Muse's Forge, a website of 23 pages, was created in one day. This iteration of Muse`s Forge was created in two hours using WEB FORGETM.

All the funtionality that WEB FORGETM offers can be explored by you.  

Please call us at 727-686-4246 if you wish to "test drive" WEB FORGETM

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